Weihnachtsbeleuchtung innen und Außen

138pcs LED lights curtain lights chains distribute on 12 strands. The Christmas lights have 4 different designs: stars, elks, Christmas trees and bells.

Timer & 8 different light modes Press the button briefly to set 8 light modes. The string lights by 6 hours on and 18 hours off automatically (Green light on). Long press the button to turn the timer on and off.

Low voltage 31V Operates with DC31V low voltage, they are safe to touch and will never damage your skin. Without the risk of electric shock, completely safe to use

Generally used IP44 waterproof LED lights are to protect against frost. Ideal for outdoor decoration, even in cold winters. Ideal for party, Christmas, wedding, bedroom, outdoor, birthday party and any other festivals, supermarket, tree for more atmosphere

Full Warranty We offer you replacement and refund if you have any problem with our outdoor fairy lights curtain. Enjoy LED fairy lights curtain lighting with our store.